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Facility Level Survey

The annual Facility Level Survey is designed to capture the general practices of facilities offering some form of secondary fracture prevention.

Due to the huge amount of places where patients present for treatment, this may never be 100% comprehensive but it is intended to evolve as we learn more about this particular landscape.

In 2020, the Facility Survey will include FLS services identified in the Sax Institute Survey of 2018 and Hospitals that participate in the Australian Hip Fracture Registry Facility Survey.

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2020 Facility Survey

The 2020 Facility Survey will take a snapshot of the current state of Fracture Liaison Services nationally.

To achieve this goal, a Draft Facility Survey has been developed and is being considered by the Steering Group.

The 2020 Facility Survey is now live and accepting responses.

2020 Facility Survey - LIVE

2020 Facility Survey Data Dictionary V1.1 - Data items being collected and definitions.